Earning more in construction

July 28, 2022


The question about a pay rise should always come with the level of your services. Are you ready to renegotiate your rates? Perfect! So ask yourself first, how can you contribute to that change? Is your service or skills on a high level? Did your performance improve recently?⁠

When applying for a new job in construction:⁠
Why the value of your work is higher?⁠
Why are your skills better than the other candidates?⁠
How do you compete with other construction workers?⁠
What does it make you stand out?⁠

If you have been working for years in construction but have only a green CSCS card – are you really entitled to the pay rise? The worst career wise thing that can happen to you is to stop upgrading your qualifications and be stuck on the same level for years. ⁠

You need to understand that growing your skills is crucial. Nobody but you is responsible for the direction of your development and the level of your earnings.⁠  There are no shortcuts. The only way to earn more in construction is to develop your skills and parallelly, upgrade your qualifications.

If you struggle with growing your skills give us a shout-out!⁠ In our Jump-Start Academy, we teach beginners the most prominent skills in construction.⁠

If you’ve been working for at least a year in construction register for the NVQ in Wataha. We offer diplomas for a Blue, Gold and Black CSCS card.